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    Gaming Tournament

    VidFest hosts an amazing four-day event where online creators and their biggest supporters come together in one unique destination comprised of The Vallejo Fairgrounds creating our super-duper VidFest City for an amazing and unforgettable experience. Where else in the entire world can you meet your favorite creator and influencer, hang out with other cool VidFest citizens, go on amazing thrill rides, watch amazing interactive shows featuring animals, listen to your favorite panel and dance the night away all in one amazing place! Thats right, Only at VidFest!

    The weekend begins at the day ceremony on Thursday with the entire VidFest cast and special guests, going into Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the core days of our event. When you attend VidFest there are non-stop rides, interactive activities and much more going on throughout the entire weekend. We take pride in being the most unique and thrilling creator event of our kind and are excited to bring together all of our online friends and superstar influencers! VidFest is committed in bringing you the best event in history!

    We are excited to let you know that our official creator list will be announced very soon! Stay tuned.

    Cosplay Contest

    Coming Soon

    Coming Soon

    More information on this coming soon. Make sure to come back for new contests and tournaments.

    VidFest City