Shannon Farnon

Born in Toronto, Canada to a musician/conductor father, actress/singer mother, Shannon has two sisters who also enjoyed successful careers in show biz. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and never tires of experiencing new cultures, languages, food, spending 2 1⁄2 years playing the role of corporate wife in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Shannon majored in Theatre Arts; studied classical piano for 18 years, ballet and jazz classes. She loves playing tennis, dancing of all kinds, power-walking and cycling.

Shannon’s resume includes work in films, television, commercial, industrial films, print, and voice-over/narrations. In her early 20’s, she and a close friend did a song and dance act in nightclubs from LA to San Francisco. Shannon worked for 10 years at Hanna- Barbera where she created the voice of Wonder Woman for cartoons “Super Friends” and “Challenge of the Super Friends.” She also was the voice of Kim in “Valley of the Dinosaurs.”

The commercial field has always been a lucrative side of the business for Shannon. She has worked in dozens of commercials and was fortunate to be the ongoing spokesperson for several award-winning national ad campaigns.

Shannon appears throughout the year at comic conventions. She occasionally mentors/coaches young performers who are eager to learn the business. It’s amazing how few recognize it is a business and not just a hobby.

Shannon does editing/proofing of print material, serves on the boards of non-profit organizations, and takes an active part in her community. She coordinates a park program for tennis players 50 and older, and chairs her high school class reunions.